Welcome to Nordstrom Supplier Compliance for Canada

This website contains important information about Nordstrom's compliance strategies and requirements. The information on this website is updated periodically and can change without notice.

Welcome to the Nordstrom Supplier Compliance Site for Canada. You will find detailed shipping instructions, Product and Regulatory compliance information, Floor Ready Guidelines, and EDI information here. Please check back monthly to review this site.

Last Updated: August 29, 2017

Attention EDI Vendors: Beginning August 24, 2017 all Pack and Hold (PM) and Reserve Stock (RS) orders will always contain the ship-to location in the N1*ST segment in the PO1 loop.  Please see our mapping specifications located on this website for further information.

Attention EDI 852 recipients: Due to internal maintenance Nordstrom will not be sending EDI 852 for Canada and Rack Shoes on Sunday September 3rd; the EDI 852 will be sent instead the evening of September 5th and will return to its regular schedule Septmeber 10th.


May 2017 Revision Highlights

  • Updated the Canada Harmonized Tariff Schedule: added link to new HTS Spec Sheet
  • Updated Nordstrom Supplier Compliance Manual (formatting only)
  • Added EDI 852 capability for Canada (see document on left sidebar)

 June 2017 Revision Highlights

  • Updated the Nordstrom Routing Guide for Canada: Updated Store/DC list; made edits on  departments requiring High Value shipping process down to departmetns 89 and 589
  • Nordstrom will begin issuing freight chargebacks for Canada suppliers beginning in July for June 12th shipments and forward. Impacted suppliers are those with Freight Partnership Contracts, Purchase Order terms and who are in violation of our routing requirements established in the Canada Routing Guide. See Vendor Communication for more information

 August 2017 Revision Highlights

  • Added Health Canada Cosmetic Regulations on left sidebar
  • Updated Routing Guide: New Carrier contact information was added for Hercules; BTX Global added as a LTL Intra-Canada carrier; Updated DC Delivery Appointment section; Updated air weight breaks for Intra-Canada; Added Reserve Stock and Pack & Hold to the Store/DC list
  • Updated Nordstrom Item Setup Form page adding both the Off Price and Full Price Item Intent Forms
  • Updated Sample Commercial Invoice: Changed 'Purchaser' to  'Purchaser/Sold To'
  • Updated Store Address List and Routing Guide for store 833 (Sherway Gardens Mall); the city should have been listed as Etobicoke not Toronto and added Unit # 1150A.  Please make note of this change


For details on shipping to Nordstrom stores in the United States, please visit www.nordstromsupplier.com.