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This website contains important information about Nordstrom's compliance strategies and requirements. The information on this website is updated periodically and can change without notice.

Welcome to the Nordstrom Supplier Site for Canada. You will find detailed shipping instructions, Product and Regulatory compliance information, Floor Ready Guidelines, and EDI information here. Please check back monthly to review this site.


Nordstrom is modernizing our merchandising and accounts payable system platforms to enable a simplified and standard ecosystem across all of our channels. Our supplier community is a vital component of this change. With this change there are new vendor requirements for invoicing, as well as impacts to EDI and reporting. Please review attached details for awareness and actions needed to support a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

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Compliance Updates


Shipping compliance standards and offset fees will adjust to market rates. Nordstrom requires all suppliers to ship in alignment with retail industry standards including packaging, labelling, ticketing and usage of electronic documents (EDI). Non-Compliance Offset Fees adjust to market rates effective December 1, 2020.


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- It is our expectation for suppliers to begin shipping with RFID tags starting August 2021.

- If you are currently ticketing for other retailers, please begin ticketing for Nordstrom.

- For additional details on RFID Requirements in 2021, click here

- For updated RFID ticket dimensions, click here


BC Origin Shippers


To avoid incorrect carrier chargebacks, please review the Canada Routing Guide for instructions on shipping with our new carrier: T-Force Integrated Solutions. See pages 14 and 60 for detailed instructions.  


REVISED MAY 05, 2021

  • 05-05-21: CONTACT US & RESOURCES (top right hand corner): Added button to email a 'Return Address Update' to
  • 04-29-21: PO TERMS & CONDITIONS: Section 10 Updated.
  • 04-29-21: BUSINESS BASICS: Section 3, Sub-Section EDI 860 vs. EDI 850FR - Removed verbiage US Nordstrom Full Line and Nordstrom.com only have EDI 860 as only option, all divisions now have EDI 850FR option
  • 04-15-21: BUSINESS BASICS: Removed EAN-8 under UPC Catalog
  • 03-31-21: NRHL | HAUTELOOK REFERENCES: All documents, including Business Basics, Hanging Standards, Packing Standards, Packaging & Labeling Standards, Ticket Standards, Expense Offset Policies, NPG Partner Standards and RFID Specification have been updated to reflect nordstromrack.com vs. NRHL and HauteLook
  • 03-18-21: EXPENSE OFFSET POLICIES: Please review updated policies regarding UPS Small Parcel Shipments. Contingent Worker Service Expectations document added on left side navigation bar under Supplier Standards.
  • 03-15-21: SUPPLIER RESOURCES & CONTACTS: Updated Merch AP email address to primary email address: merchap@nordstrom.com vs. merch.ap@nordstrom.com; Removed Floor Ready and Volume Load options on Supplier Hotline
  • 03-11-21: ANNOUNCEMENTS: RFID Requirements & RFID Ticket Dimensions policies updated
  • 02-25-21: Business Basics: Invoicing Instructions for Non-EDI Suppliers Updated
  • 02-18-21: Packaging & Labeling Standards: NRHL Carton Dimensions Updated on Page 2
  • 01-27-21: Business Basics - Section 3 - Sub-Section 3rd Party EDI Providers: Updated phone number for eZcom Software Inc.
  • 01-26-21: SYSTEM UPDATES AND IMPACTS: Please review documents under Announcements
  • 01-12-21: HANGING STANDARDS: Section 1 - Added Men's Suits, Blazers & Sleepwear table; Updated verbiage for Encore to Exteneded Sizes; Updated Juniors to Young Adult (Women's)
  • 01-07-21: PURCHASE ORDER TERMS & CONDITIONS: Payment terms reverted back to NET 45 & Section 6 updated.
  • 12-17-20: PACKAGING AND LABELING STANDARDS: Section 3 - Non-EDI Shipments: Carton Lael Requirements - called out that EDI is a requirement, added more specification on label size and font
  • 12-17-20: HOW TO SHIP TO NORDSTROM CANADA BY UPS (left sidebar): Updated De-Selecting UPS Electronic Shipments; please review in its entirety
  • 12-17-20: SUPPLIER REQUIREMENTS WHEN NORDSTORM IS THE IMPORTER (left sidebar): Removed Commercial Invoice Checklist and Sample Commercial Invoice. Updated remaining documents please review in their entirety
  • 12-17-20: BEAUTY GUIDELINES: Moved under Supplier Requirements When Nordstrom Is Importer
  • 12-09-20: BUSINESS BASICS: Section 3 - Added InterTrade to 3rd Party Provider List
For details on shipping to Nordstrom stores in the United States, please visit www.nordstromsupplier.com