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This website contains important information about Nordstrom's compliance strategies and requirements. The information on this website is updated periodically and can change without notice.

Welcome to the Nordstrom Supplier Site for Canada. You will find detailed shipping instructions, Product and Regulatory compliance information, Floor Ready Guidelines, and EDI information here. Please check back monthly to review this site.


Canada Rack Tickets with 'Compare At' Verbiage Change

Nordstrom is aligning the Rack Ticket verbiage for the US and CA.  US is already required to use 'Comparable Value' and we are now requireing Canada Rack tickets use the same 'Comparable Value' instead of 'Compare At'.  All verbiage and images have been updated in the Ticket Standards.

To Review the updated Ticket Standards, click here

Compliance Updates


Shipping compliance standards and offset fees will adjust to market rates. Nordstrom requires all suppliers to ship in alignment with retail industry standards including packaging, labelling, ticketing and usage of electronic documents (EDI). Non-Compliance Offset Fees adjust to market rates effective December 1, 2020.


For additional details on Nordstrom Compliance Updates, click here




- It is our expectation for suppliers to begin shipping with RFID tags starting August 2021.

- If you are currently ticketing for other retailers, please begin ticketing for Nordstrom.

- For additional details on RFID Requirements in 2021, click here

- For updated RFID ticket dimensions, click here


BC Origin Shippers


To avoid incorrect carrier chargebacks, please review the Canada Routing Guide for instructions on shipping with our new carrier: T-Force Integrated Solutions. See pages 14 and 60 for detailed instructions.  



  • 01-25-22: TICKET STANDARDS - Removed all verbiage from Section 2 Nordstrom Store Ticket Standards of Regular Price and replaced with Full Price
  • 01-21-22: TICKET STANDARDS - Added updated ticket samples for Rack and Canada Rack
  • 01-19-22: TICKET STANDARDS - Section 3 removed all 'Compare At' verbiage changing to 'Comparable Value and replaced 'Regular' retail to 'Full' retail for both US & Canada. Note the ticket samples will be updated in the near future with the 'Comparable Value' and 'Full Retail' verbiage
  • 11-18-21: LEFT SIDEBAR - Added Accounts Payable Job Aid Please review in their Entirety
  • 11-18-21: SUPPLIER RESOURCES AND CONTACT - Added new AP Code SC for Service Model Agreement along with Contact Information, Updated description and Document Type of AZ Code
  • 10-01-21: NORDSTROM PARTNERSHIP GUIDELINES: Updated document on left sidebar to link to the Partnership Standards now in 9 different languages
  • 10-01-21: BUSINESS BASICS: Updated Section 1, sub section Partnership Guidelines - Link to Partnership Guidelines not working
  • 07-28-21: BUSINESS BASICS: Updated Requirements and Responsbilities Summary on page 5.
  • 07-22-21: PACKING STANDARDS: Updated Section 3 adding clarification on packing Ecommerce Orders and also added Oversized / Ship Alone refernce that points to the Packaging & Labeling Standards
  • 07-21-21: PACKING STANDARDS: Updated Shoes section on Page 7 for Self Locking Lids/Rubber bands.
  • 07-20-21: HANGING STANDARDS: Updated Section 1 regarding Unacceptable Items.
  • 07-07-21: PARTNERSHIP GUIDELINES: Please review updated document.
  • 06-03-21: BUSINESS BASICS: Updated email address for merch invoices from merchap@nordstrom.com to nordmerchinv@nordstrom.com
For details on shipping to Nordstrom stores in the United States, please visit www.nordstromsupplier.com