Welcome to Nordstrom Supplier for Canada

This website contains important information about Nordstrom's compliance strategies and requirements. The information on this website is updated periodically and can change without notice.

Welcome to the Nordstrom Supplier Site for Canada. You will find detailed shipping instructions, Product and Regulatory compliance information, Floor Ready Guidelines, and EDI information here. Please check back monthly to review this site.

BC Origin Shippers: To avoid incorrect carrier chargebacks, please review the Canada Routing Guide for instructions on shipping with our new carrier:  T-Force Integrated Solutions. See pages 14 and 60 for detailed instructions.  


Revision Highlights
  • 05-07-19: Routing Guide - Updated VICS to GS1 CA where appropriate, VICS merged with GS1 in 2012. Some Quebec origins have a new carrier added; please review; Updated name of Sample BOL - VICS to Sample BOL GS1 CA (VICS) and removed Conway Sample BOL on left side-bar under Routing Guide
  • 05-03-19: Created Stand Alone document for the Nordstrom Partnership Standards on the left sidebar under Supplier Standards; referenced this in the Supplier Standards F:S | Rack.  Supplier Standards FLS | Rack: Section 2, Sub-Section Required Electronic Documents, added 850 FR to the Optional and removed 832 from the Required. Section 4, Sub Section Return Hangtags, updated department table, please review; Sub-Section FLS Hanger Requirements specified that sweaters is a top and noted that also in Section 5, Sub-Section Rack Hanger Requirements. Section 6 Sub Section Notice of Disclaimer changed to Legal Disclaimer and simplified the statement to be clearer.  Made updates regarding VICS throughout the document as GS1 and VICS merged in 2012
  • 04-04-19: Landing Page - BC Origin Shippers must use T-Force Integrated Solutions where advised in the Routing Guide
  • 02-25-19: Routing Guide - New Carrier Tforce Integrated Solutions added to BC Province shippers; updated commercial invoice turn-over requirements; new pickup request process for Intra-Canada BTX shippers; added carrier SCAC table.  On left sidebar under section 'Supplier Requirements When Nordstrom is Importer' split Sample Commercial Invoice making the checklist its own standalone document
  • 01-07-19: Store Address List - Store 844 Postal Code fixed should be M4Y 0E2; Routing Guide Store / DC List - Store 831 Should be Unit 500 not Y002, store 832 removed the PO Box from the address, store 833 updated from Toronto to Etobicoke, store 842 added NW to street address
  • 11-23-18: Sample Commercial Invoice located on the left side-bar under Supplier Requirements when Nordstrom is the Importer - Added an invoice checklist to compliment the sample invoice; this will help identify and understand our invoice requirements
  • 11-19-18: Contact Us & Resources Page (click link in upper right-hand corner) Nordstrom Reference Documents, Supplier Resources & Contacts (posted most up-to-date version)
  • 10-25-18: Store Address List - Updated Address list for 3 rack openings
  • 10-25-18: Supplier Partner Standards, Section 4 (FLS), Sub-Section FastTrak: Added FastTrak registration link; Sub-Section FLS Ticketing Requirements: Removed beauty department 575 from requiring retail; Section 5 (Rack), Sub-Section FastTrak: Added FastTrak registration link
  • 10-25-18: Routing Guide, Section State & Provence Pages - Formatting; Section Store/DC List - Updated with 3 rack store openings


For details on shipping to Nordstrom stores in the United States, please visit www.nordstromsupplier.com